Course curriculum

  • 1

    Analysing the Situation

    • NESA and TQI Accreditation

    • About this course

    • Welcome to the Online Workshop - Message from your instructor

    • How to get the most from this course

    • Before you go...

    • Teacher Competence in Teaching Literacy with ICT

    • Choosing the right software

    • Determining your level of capability in ICT

    • TPACK for Literacy Teaching

    • Module Reflection

    • Module Survey

  • 2

    ICT Tools and Concepts that Develop Literacy and ICT Capability

  • 3

    Embedding Word Processing Practices to Develop Literacy & ICT Capability

    • What do you need to know about Word Processing?

    • What are the expected skills for students that they need to know?

    • Class Integration for Word Processing

    • Creative uses of MS Word in the Literacy Classroom

    • Word Processing Literacy Exercise

    • Copy of Module Survey

  • 4

    Using Blogs and Wikis for Literacy teaching

    • Why Blog?

    • What are the benefits of blogging?

    • Classroom Integration

    • Using Wikis (What I Know Is) in the Classroom

    • Copy of Module Survey

  • 5

    Assessment of 21st Century Skills

    • The Importance of Assessment of ICT skills in Literacy Learning

    • Planning Literacy with ICT Integration

    • Assessing Literacy when ICT is used

    • ICT and Assessing Literacy Development

  • 6

    Literacy with ICT Teaching Strategies for Primary School

    • Optimial Literacy with ICT Learning Environments

    • Planning for Literacy with ICT Integration

    • Introducing new software to students

    • Delivering the Literacy Lesson

    • Building on Children's Experiences with ICT

    • How to Monitor Literacy with ICT Activities

    • Teacher Intervention

    • Teaching Approaches to Literacy with ICT learning

    • Student Reflection on Learning

    • Copy of Module Survey