Course curriculum

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    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    Formative Assessment in Early Childhood

    • Introduction

    • Planning for the Integration of ICT

    • Selecting the appropriate ICT tools and resources for learning

    • What are developmentally appropriate ICT activities?

    • Monitoring and observation

    • Assessing Capabilities in ICT in ECE

    • Record Keeping

    • Reporting to Parents

    • Enabling the Environment

    • Involving Parents

    • Providing Feedback

    • Designing effective tasks, discussions and activities

    • Further Reading On Assessment for Learning in ECE in ICT

    • Reflective Questions

    • Formative Assessment in Early Childhood ebook

    • Transition and Report Writing on ICT use in Preschool and Kindergarten

    • What does Meaningful ICT Resources in ECE in mean?

  • 3

    Employing evidence based ICT teaching strategies

    • teaching strategies intro

    • Using Assessment to develop Teaching Strategies

    • What should the capabilities of children be? What is ICT capability?

    • What is the desired outcome?

    • Facilitating Capabilities in ICT

    • Providing Support

    • How structure and stimulate learning

    • How to develop autonomy

    • Other Strategies

    • Reflective Questions

    • Higher Order Skills and Encouraging Shared thinking and use of ICT

    • Role Play and ICT activities

    • Scaffolding in Early Childhood

  • 4

    Integrating ICT in STEM Activities in ECE

    • Introduction

    • An Introduction to STEM in Early Childhood Education

    • ICT's Role in STEM education

    • ICT Teaching Strategies in STEM

    • Inquiry-based Pedagogy

    • ICT-Assisted Project-based Learning

    • Reflecting on your Teaching and Learning with ICT

    • Providing an Inclusive Environment

    • Reflective Questions

  • 5

    Optimising Literacy and Numeracy with ICT

    • Literacy

    • Literacy ICT Lesson Plan Example

    • Numeracy

    • Numeracy Lesson Plan example

    • ICT Learning Tools for Literacy and Language Development

  • 6

    Protecting the Digital Child

    • Introduction

    • Digital Citizenship

    • E-Safety

    • Safety and Ethical Concerns with ICT in Early Childhood (Preschool and K-2 education)